In the picture above you see me interviewing Lothar de Maizière, the only democratically elected prime minister of East Germany, serving for 6 months only until reunification on 3/10/1990.

My mission statement:

“Being balanced and impartial is very important, but in a world of post-truth politics, journalism has a duty to debunk claims that are misleading. There is no truth without context.”

My motivation:

“Journalism and languages have one thing in common: They give you the keys to the town.”


A BBC correspondent and shoot-edit or video journalist in my day job, based in the Scottish Highlands, but also reporting from Europe. Contributed self-shot and edited pieces to the BBC News Channel and to Reporting Scotland on BBC 1, as well as doing lives for BBC Radio Scotland e.g. about Brexit from the Paris terrorist attacks in November 2015. Really interested in international current affairs having previously studied European and International Law at Humboldt University, Berlin and currently studying an MA in International Journalism at Edinburgh Napier University. Also lecturing tv journalism and documentary film at Edinburgh Napier. Having to keep my views to myself at the moment though, due to the impartiality required in my job. Also a volunteer director of Oban Hospice Ltd in charge of communications.

My attitude:

  • first in our department to campaign for and get a work smart phone which is now standard
  • first in our department to have used the smart phone to record a tv news piece when my camera failed
  • first in our department to have an official twitter account
  • first to use WMT live tv broadcast equipment, when our technical operators claimed no live facility was available


A language junkie – fluent in English, German, Spanish, Scottish Gaelic, French and Italian and getting by in Portuguese, Russian and Irish. “Fernweh” is a great German word describing the pain in the longing to travel again. Wanting to capture more of it in photographs and audio podcasts for this blog including the culture and folklore.


Honoured to be president of a cultural organistion – the Taynuilt Gaelic Choir – and a proud winner of the Oban Times Gold Medal for Gaelic singing. Enjoying Scottish ceilidh dancing as well as Salsa, Rock and ballroom dancing. Hold a BA (Hons) in Gaelic Language and Culture and am a Gaelic language tutor qualified in teaching according to the Ùlpan and total immersion methods having previously taught at the University of the Highlands and Islands.

Faith Columnist

Writing a monthly bilingual column for the Scottish Catholic Observer in Gaelic and English. Ecumenism and Interfaith relations as well as the history of Christianity in Scotland are among my favourite subjects. Volunteering with SCIAF – the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund as a parish representative.


Honoured to have won a few awards:

Gaelic Journalist of the Year 2009

Scottish Press Awards runner-up for a submission of three articles of my column in the Scottish Catholic Observer.

Highlands and Islands Gaelic Media Award 2009 

Won the first prize for a submission consisting of a piece of radio news on Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, an item of tv news produced as a video journalist and an edition of the European current affairs programme Eòrpa, which I researched.

hier&there Journalism Award, 2011 

Won the second prize presented by the German Embassy in London for a half hour programme on Eòrpa, researched and presented by myself.

Highlands and Islands Gaelic Media Award, 2013

Won the first prize for a submission of three pieces for An Là, the news programme on BBC ALBA. One of the entries was an ‘as live’ from the European Parliament in Strasbourg.


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Deutscher Journalist in Scotland, BBC Correspondent Broadcast languages: ENGLISH, GERMAN, SPANISH, SCOTS GAELIC Interview languages: FRENCH, ITALIAN, PORTUGUESE Colloquial language: RUSSIAN TV Journalism Lecturer, Religious Correspondent, Travel Photographer

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