Issues Facing Indigenous Peoples

A series on issues facing indigenous peoples around the world

The following reports all bear remarkable similarity. Many indigenous communities are struggling to defend their territories, their health and their cultural identity. 

Indigenous peoples in Peru are feeling threatened by oil, mining and logging companies grabbing their lands. Their cultural identity is also softening. An Là News on BBC Alba (7/1/20)

The language and way of life of the Sakha people of Siberia is under threat. One of the challenges is climate change which also threatens their identity. An Là News on BBC ALBA (18/11/20) 

Illegal mining destroys Canaima World Heritage Site in Venezuela and threatens indigenous Pemon people. An Là News on BBC ALBA (31/8/20) 

Indigenous tribes of Colombia fighting for their ancestral lands in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta endangered by mining. An Là News on BBC ALBA (20/07/20). Lockdown broadcasting: Created from Zoom interviews and User Generated Content 

In the Year of Indigenous Languages (2019) I scrutinised the state of the indigenous languages of the United Kingdom in five reports over one week

Scots is one of two indigenous languages of Scotland alongside Gaelic. It has a history as a literary language and dialects of it are today spoken mostly in the Lowlands and Northern Isles. An Là News on BBC ALBA (18/11/19).


Cymraeg/ Welsh is widely considered to be a successful example of language revitalisation efforts. An Là News on BBC ALBA (19/11/19).

Kernewek/ Cornish is a language once considered dead has again got hundreds of fluent speakers. An Là News on BBC ALBA (20/11/19).

Gaelg/ Manx is another language that was once extinct and is now experiencing increasing popularity. An Là News on BBC ALBA (21/11/19).

Gaeilge/ Irish is one of the most popular minority languages worldwide is Irish. An Là News on BBC ALBA (22/11/19).

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