Brexit – 1 Year To Go

Many fishermen supported Brexit (above: Oban)

Brexit – One Year To Go: My series on BBC ALBA

(In Gaelic with English subtitles)



Part 1: Voices for Brexit

  • Fishermen want control of UK waters
  • Others argue Brexit it will bring new trade opportunities and increase productivity
  • Brexiters want to reduce immigration,
  • Don’t believe civil service’s numbers indicating that UK will be worse off under any scenario
  • Some in agriculture see an opportunity to change the subsidy so it benefits those who actually work the land

Part 2: Voices against Brexit

Sheep on Isle of Tiree
Crofting on the Island of Tiree
  • Claims it will cost the UK £2bn a week, Leave campaign spread lies
  • Rural areas have benefitted especially from EU funding, doubts whether this will be a priority for the UK government
  • Has alienated EU citizens residing in the UK
  • Will badly affect research institutions as EU funding ceases and freedom of movement may mean fewer foreign researchers want to settle in the UK
  • The EU has brought peace and prosperity to the UK
  • May mean unrest brakes out again in Northern Ireland

Part 3: Voices for and against Scottish independence

  • Claims Scotland is now weaker than any other part of Britain economically
  • Scottish Brexit minister confirms that when the terms of Brexit become clear Scots should have a choice whether they want to continue in the UK
  • Surprising analogies with Brexit. Both are either said to bring opportunities or uncertainty depending on point of view
  • Some have changed their mind on independence after the Brexit vote

Part 4: Was the BBC biased in its referendum reports?

  • Equal time is allocated to either side in BBC’s referendum reports. But can the Bank of England’s view be balanced by that of a small think-tank?
  • Reality Check provides analysis, but uncertainty remains over whether the UK will be better or worse off in ten year’s time says BBC Scotland’s Political Editor
  • Media expert says Vote Leave admitted the most successful slogan of the referendum (“We send the EU £350m a week: let’s fund our NHS instead”) stated an “amalgamation” of a figure

Part 5: Brexit, Trump and AfD (right-wing party in Germany)

  • Some sense an anti EU feeling by some Brexiteers, see similarities to AfD policies blaming incomers for issues
  • Others believe Britain has moved to the left after the Brexit referendum
  • Donald Trump has also curbed immigration, supporters claim this is to protect their culture
  • Others say these policies work as long as those proclaiming them don’t come too close

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